Q: What does CNC mean?
A: Computer Numerical Control

Q: Do you have a material price list?
A: Yes, go to the submit a job section on the website.

Q: How much will it cost?
A: Typically cutting a full size sheet of 18mm thick ply or MDF with few lines/ simple shapes will be around £40 – £50 per sheet. More complex drawings or with multiple cutter types we estimate between £75 – £100 per board.

Q: Can you cut metal?
A: We can cut non ferrous meal – i.e. aluminium but not steel. For anything over about 4mm thick use a laser cutting service. These guys are the best Essex Laser

Q: What’s the thickest material you can cut?
A: 120mm, but if it’s a full sheet then typically 30mm otherwise they get too heavy

Q: What’s the longest size of material you can cut?
A: 3050mm x 2000mm

Q: Can you cut solid timber?
A: Yes – ideally PAR (planed all round) so we can position it accurately.

Q: Will you do assembly and installation?
A: For small jobs no, but occasionally for larger projects.

Q: Can you spray paint my items?
A: Not at the moment but we have spray shops we can recommend.

Q: Can you deliver?
A: Yes, please let us know the delivery postcode.

Q: Can I use my own material?
A: Only if we cannot provide the material you require. We can supply everything from Oak Laminated Birch ply to MDF.

Q: Can I pay after the job is complete?
A: No we operate a strictly payment up front service, sorry.

Q: Do I have to use Paypal?
A: We accept payment via BACS for large jobs and will order materials/ start job when we have cleared funds.

Q: Can you draw/ format my files for me?
A: Yes, for which we charge an hourly rate.

Q: If I send the files now can you do it for tomorrow?
A: If you are a regular customer and we are not too busy and have stock, then yes. If you are a CNC virgin allow additional time for getting your file formats right.

Q: What are your hourly rates?
A: £70 for including programming and set up fees. £35 for CAD drawing work

Q: Can you do 3D cutting?
A: We can do basic 3D cutting – our machine is 3 axis. For full on 3D objects you will need 5 axis.

Q: What materials can I use?
A: Pretty much any kind of sheet material, apart from steel or thick aluminium. I.e. mdf, ply, acrylic, composite panel, foam etc.

Q: Can supply drawings created with adobe illustrator?
A: Yes but make sure there are no ‘fills’ – i.e. lines only.

Q: Can I film it cutting/ watch?
A: Due to health and safety in the workshop no.

Q: Does Fred still work for you?
A: Alas no.

Q: What are your opening hours? And when can I pick up my pieces?
A: Weekdays 9.30 am to 6pm.

Q: Are you open weekends?
A: No

Q: Will you do it for cash?
A: No

Q: Can I use half a sheet?
A: No as we will need to order in a full sheet

Q: Can I have the off- cuts?
A: Yes but make this clear before confirming the job.

Q: Can I send you a PDF, jpg, Photoshop, coral draw?
A: We only accept CAD information in DWG or AI format but you can commission us to draw for you. Just ask.

Q: Can we cut plastic?
A: Yes

Q: Can we do double sided cutting?
A: Yes.

Q: What are your turnaround time?
A: Bigger jobs get priority. Normally 5 days turn around although we can achieve quicker if needed. Please ask at time of order.

Q: Will you come and take a look?
A: Sorry we don’t do site visits.

Q: Can I come over and tell you about my project?
A: It shouldn’t really be necessary, so email something for us to look at and give us call to talk it through. We are a studio not a shop so please visit by appointment only.

Q: Can I do a test piece?
A: Yes, but we will charge you for the time.

Q: Can I cut 50mm MDF?
A: No, Unfortunately this thickness makes the material too heavy for a safe working environment.

Q: What size of cutter is used for 18mm material?
A: Normally a 6mm for MDF 6.45mm for Ply